Dental Financing by Beacon Bay Dental

Increase case acceptance with fast lower cost dental financing.

Easy to use patient dental financing with flexible loan options and the most competitive financing rates.

Instant approvals • Low practice cost • 48 hour funding

Dental Financing

Smile Patient Dental Financing, brought to you by Beacon Bay Dental, brings the latest in patient financing technology and options to your practice and patients. Our cloud based loan portal saves your dental practice time and money while providing more flexible loan options and the most competitive finance rates for your patients. Get Started.

The process is easy, completely paperless and tablet and mobile friendly. From application to approval in just minutes, Smile Patient Financing helps more patients move forward with more procedures faster than any other dental practice patient financing option. Get Started.

Smile Patient Dental Financing works with multiple lenders to offer best in class financing options with a simple online process to provide the most flexible term loans with competitive interest rates for your patients and the lowest fees for your practice. Get Started Now!

Fully digital process that takes less than 2 minutes. Option for soft credit pull to know maximum credit available for patient. One application for all types of credit options. Nationwide coverage.

Direct wire to practice bank account within 48 hours.

Approve a greater percentage of patients at interest rates based on credit quality at universally lower rates than alternatives.

Easy to use doctor portal for tracking and reporting.  Will not refund money to patient but instead directs patient to doctor in case of dispute.

10-25% lower practice cost than other providers.  No recourse to practice for loans that default.

Credit up to $40,000.

Option for 1 to 7 year payback term. Provides patient wide choice of low monthly payment options for dental treatment.