Labs.Dental daVinci Announcement

Labs.Dental Inc. Makes Major Investment In Top Dental Laboratories Platform

We are excited to announce that Labs.Dental, Inc. is the new owner of daVinci Dental Studios, The Winter Laboratory, and NuLife Long Island. Labs.Dental Inc. has acquired the assets of  Dental Lab Holdings, LLC (Beacon Bay Dental) and is committed to providing additional resources and investments in manufacturing processes, IT infrastructure, and a variety of technologies that will significantly improve our laboratory platform.

“All of our labs will continue to maintain the highest quality control standards in the industry and rigorous quality assurance measures to enhance aesthetic outcomes on all of your restorations for both digital and physical cases,” said Jay Ramirez, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We will also continue to provide a full range of treatment options for clinicians who expect predictable and consistent case outcomes to address the full range of patient demands.”

Kelvin Nguyen, General Manager and Head of Digital Implant Solutions added: “We will continue to serve the majority of our customers with support for physical cases, while expanding our efforts to help practices transition to a fully digital workflow. All of the experts you have been working with, from our Master Ceramists to our mobile chairside implant support staff, will continue to provide you with a world-class clinician-to-lab experience.”

“We are excited to be able to help our practices grow through our training programs and to expand our services to others that have been disappointed in the quality of workmanship and support provided by labs that have less exacting standards. We will continue to work with our partners on advisory boards to universities, DSO’s, specialty practices and dental assisting schools to ensure that we and our customers are able to provide the best treatment options possible for their communities.”

Current customers can contact their account representatives; practices which are not working with our laboratories can contact the one that fits their needs:

daVinci Dental Studios

The Winter Laboratory

NuLife Long Island

For further information about Labs.Dental Inc.: (818) 605-8420

About Labs.Dental Inc.

Labs.Dental Inc. was founded with a vision to build a differentiated, full-service laboratory platform that blends the artistic with advanced technology across all of its product and service offerings. Operating out of West Hills, Calif., its world-class family of brands include daVinci Dental Studios, The Winter Laboratory, and NuLife Long Island. Each lab is focused on providing a wide range of superior restorative dentistry options for both digital and physical cases, as well as help in growing practices. It is backed by Prairie Street Capital, Inc., a private equity group based out of Chicago, Inc., which has a long track record of investing in companies for their long-term growth potential based on providing the highest product quality and customer service. For more information: